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About us

Berauto offers you more value for your money than its competitors at Budapest  car rental.

You can get a real car for smart price, so as not to make you choose between low prices and high quality. For each category, we have chosen highly equipped models which we maintain regularly. Get the quality you are used to when you rent a car at large international car rental companies, and we help your decision with low prices. Book your rental car online now and get free delivery inside Budapest.
Remember, we are the favourite car rental of expats staying in Budapest.

We have an airport service around the clock. If your plane arrives late to Liszt Ferenc Budapest Airport, you never pay a surcharge for the delay.

Choose one of the largest independent car rental companies of Budapest, choose Berauto Apartment-hotel in Budapest's centre
Reduction for goups, students and long term rentals.
Autóbérlés – Autókölcsönzés – Budapest | s.r.o 94131 Dvory nad Žitavou 2159 :: Tel(SK): +421-948-447-873 :: Tel(HU): +36-20-357-5683